Creating, delivering and measuring social value in the built environment since 2006.

Services & Strategy

CHY pre-plans, implements and measures social value strategy for all manner of different projects. We work with companies from planning and tender submissions, throughout development and into operation, and help them make a tangible positive difference to communities.


Credibility & Clients

We are based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire but work with clients of all sizes on a range of different projects across the country and in Europe. Some of our recent clients include LandSec, Extra MSA, Hoare Lea and McLaren Construction as well as the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and BeFirst London.


Campaign & Collaboration

Through radical collaborations with partners from in and outside our industry such as Landmrk, ODI Leeds, Constructing Excellence, Social Value UK, Greater London Authority (GLA) and Hoare Lea we seek to challenge the way people, organisations and companies view social value.


Rob Wolfe and CHY 

CHY launched in 2006 to help public bodies and private businesses to integrate real social value seamlessly into their operations. We continue to perform this vital task to this day, working with partners across different sectors to make a difference to people’s lives.

We live and breathe social value and the built environment. It is an area in which very few people specialise, but that is exactly what Rob Wolfe and CHY do. We believe wholeheartedly in it and, for us, this is a vocation and a passion.

More CHY People

CHY Blog

I am fascinated by the world of social value and how it can enrich projects for businesses, staff and communities alike. On the CHY blog, I write about my thoughts, ideas and solutions for some of the big issues facing us in the built environment and social value fields.

Delivering Real Social Value

Are We Afraid of Communities? Delivering Real Social Value

How do we deliver real social value in construction? Surely properly consulting the people who it will affect most would help. What don’t we do that?

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October 6, 2019 0
Open Data

How Open Data Helps Social Value – Can Social Value be Objective?

Want to know how open data helps us evaluate social value? We need to tailor the social value requirements to each job we do, because the parameters are different deepening on a number of factors.

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February 1, 2019 0
Construction Industry Feature

Construction Industry Late Payments – Are Tier One Contractors Blameless?

Andy Mitchell of the Construction Leadership Council stated “I don’t think there are many tier ones at all who are abusing the payment terms and delaying payments”. Is that correct?

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October 26, 2018 0

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