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We are based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire but work with clients of all sizes on a range of different projects across the country and in Europe. Some of our recent clients include LandSec, Extra MSA, Hoare Lea, Aspire Igen and McLaren Construction as well as the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham and BeFirst.

A Brief History of CHY

CHY was founded as a concept named Construction Leeds in 2004 to develop a coordinated approach to maximise the benefits of public and private developments in the city. Rob Wolfe was recruited in June 2006 to set up CHY with the simple objective to “make sure that major construction projects in Leeds benefit our communities by creating jobs, delivering training and generating business opportunities” – now termed as Social Value and Inclusive Growth.

Our community led objective and roots within the third sector remain the same but our approach now spans the full project lifecycle, touches all sectors in the built environment and informs developments throughout the UK.

Key Clients & Projects


BeFirst London

BeFirst London has a mission to accelerate regeneration in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, so that no-one is left behind.

They aim to build 50,000 new homes and create 20,000 new jobs in the next 20 years. CHY is working with BeFirst and its partners to develop a collaborative, forward thinking Social Value Strategy that is driven by local need and long term social outcomes. A detailed Execution Strategy and Implementation Plan outline how, who and when outcomes will be achieved. CHY continue to support BeFirst through a CHY Partnership agreement.


CHY have worked alongside LandSec since they developed Trinity Leeds shopping centre in 2007. Over the past 12 years CHY have coordinated and facilitated work on major developments including White Rose Shopping Centre, producing Social Value Demographic Reports, Socioeconomic Calculations and Strategies to support the planning process on key London developments including W12 Shopping Centre and the O2 Finchley residential scheme.

We are also looking to the future of the built environment by developing a Social Value Strategy, including a socioeconomic calculation, for LandSec’s new Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) approach to commercial office development; being published later this year.

McLaren Construction

As McLaren Construction ventured into the public sector for the first time, CHY supported them to develop their strategy and approach to social value; answering, writing and reviewing social value submissions to major public construction frameworks.

With CHY support, McLaren Construction have secured a place on the £1bn BeFirst London Major Projects, the £3bn London Construction Programme Major Works and the £5.25bn Southern Construction Framework.

Hoare Lea

Hoare Lea are an award-winning engineering consultancy with a creative team of engineers, designers, and technical specialists. CHY have partnered with Hoare Lea to provide services that embed social value within five defined factors in sustainable design.

The Five Capitals; the people, the building, the social impact, the natural environment, and the economic impact. CHY support Hoare Lea through a CHY Partnership agreement. We have developed “Social Value, Our Approach” with Hoare Lea illustrating how social value can be aligned with The 5 Capitals and embedded in the full project lifecycle of developments.

Extra MSA Group

Extra MSA Group is one of the UK’s leading investors, owners and operators of Motorway Service Areas (MSAs).

CHY is supporting Extra MSA to embed social value in their new assets; supporting the planning process to provide social value strategies, outputs and outcomes for forthcoming developments, liaising with local authority clients and partners throughout the planning process and creating, facilitating, monitoring and reporting on social value activities throughout the asset’s construction and operation. CHY continues to support Extra MSA through the planning process with new motorway service areas coming to fruition throughout the UK.

Aspire Igen – Metropolis

Based on our continuing work to attract young people into the built environment, a history in front line careers services and our approach to collaboration; CHY was invited to work with Aspire Igen on the exciting Metropolis project.

Metropolis is a European project that will challenge young peoples’ stereotypes of their local area by highlighting the value of industrial heritage. Through creating interactive city maps with our partners at Landmrk, young people can explore their local area and see how industrial heritage links to present and future jobs.

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The CHY Team

Rob Wolfe – Managing Director

Rob has worked in physical and social regeneration for 18 years and went on to set up CHY in 2006. Partnership working and social value are at the heart of his experience and expertise: ensuring projects and people achieve the combined objectives of all sectors, while benefiting the communities they serve.

Rob has gone on to influence local, regional and national social value policy; assisting local authorities to maximise the socio-economic impact of their local plans and the private sector to embed, deliver and measure the socio-economic impact of their projects, products and services. Download Rob’s CV

Dominic – Social Value Consultant

Dominic is an award-winning social value consultant and has worked in physical and social regeneration for a number of years. Dominic comes from a very successful private sector background and has worked in both the UK and Hong Kong. His expertise ranges from business architecture to marketing strategy, problem solving and exposing new potential for clients.

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Other Team Members:
Hannah Oldfield Giles Dring Richard Daley Jim Coulson