Strategy & Services

CHY pre-plans, implements and measures social value strategy for all manner of different projects. We work with companies from planning and tender submissions, throughout development and into operation, and help them make a tangible positive difference to communities.

All our services are bespoke to our clients’ needs; please contact us to discuss collaboration, services and projects. 


Creativity is at the heart of CHY.  We listen to, and learn from, everyone.  We build on best practice but do not let it constrain our thoughts. We deliver existing strategies and develop new approaches.  We guide, support and disrupt.

A project or business strategy should answer one simple question: where does our business or project have enough influence to achieve the most positive change for our stakeholders? Employees and partner colleagues should then ask: where do I have enough influence to achieve such change? The answer to both questions should include the eight key areas of social value.

A project or business strategy should identify the answers to these questions:

· What change is required? · What change can you influence? · Which interventions will achieve that change? · How will you deliver those interventions? · With whom and with what resources will you deliver the interventions? · How will you monitor, measure and evaluate that change?


Our services embed social value within a business and project as well as their stakeholders, their supply chains and through the full project lifecycle.


Advice & Support

Our 14 years of experience allow us to advise clients across all sectors at every stage of the development process. Aligning our thinking with your business and project, and our pragmatic and creative approach, allows us to support your staff, teams, projects and business to embed social value within your internal and external products and services. This can involve the social value Bat Phone, workshops, training and a formal CHY Partnership.

CHY Partnership is our form of a retainer. We don’t believe in just providing a service, we want to radically collaborate with our clients, form strong relationships and establish a partnership that wins more work for both parties.


Strategy & Policy

Since developing our first Social Value Strategy for Yorkshire Forward in 2006, CHY has developed practical, realistic and aspirational social value strategies for local authorities, businesses, procurement frameworks and individual projects from the public and private sectors; from planning, through procurement, into delivery and operation, onto the assets legacy.

Our strategies and policies are informed by local demographic data, businesses, projects and the communities in which they operate.  They are written to be delivered, monitored and measured; they inform resource allocation, culture and inclusive growth.


Planning & Tender Submissions

Social Value has become an integral part of winning work in the built environment. CHY work collaboratively to inform and write the Economic, Environment and Sustainability Impact Assessments for planning submissions and answer the Social Value, inclusive growth and economic development questions within Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) and tender submissions.

Our answers and reports are based on local need, informed by local policy drivers and bespoke to your business, the requirements and the community. Research & Reports

CHY carries out research and writes reports that are informed by Open Data to inform an objective local economic and socio-economic profile, local, regional and national policy and strategy and Social Value best practice.

This research informs your Social Value Outcome Mapping; devising Social Value outputs (KPIs), outcomes (employment, skills, local supply chain spend etc.) and Beneficiary Journeys (how stakeholders can access the outcomes).  The outcome mapping then informs a Social Value Delivery Plan; delivery mechanisms outlining how, by whom and when the social outputs and outcomes will be achieved.

Our Social Value Reports, Outcome Mapping and Delivery Plans inform decision making, support planning/tender submissions and allow our clients to allocate resources where they can make the most difference.


Facilitation & Delivery

CHY coordinates the delivery of social value activity in the private and public sectors; including the evidencing, monitoring and reporting of all social value KPIs and outcomes. We provide a single point of contact for your teams, your client, your community stakeholders and your supply chain.


Monitoring & Measuring

CHY informs and integrates on and offline reporting mechanisms to forecast, monitor, measure and evaluate the social value outcomes generated by an area, a business and a project.  Our approaches are aligned with future thinking in the industry and include:

*KPI Management – evidencing and reporting social value outputs against agreed targets.

*Socioeconomic & Social Value Calculations – using economic analysis (Cost Benefit Analysis, Local Economic Development, Gross Value Added and Social Return on Investment) to measure the financial value of the social outcomes you achieve; providing a ratio of financial investment to social value. Eg. Every £1 invested will generate £1.42 of social value.

*Social Value Benchmarking – Using Open Data to benchmark your social value outputs and outcomes against local, regional, national and sector based social value data.


Research & Reports

CHY carries out research and writes reports that are informed by Open Data to inform an objective local economic and socio-economic profile, local, regional and national policy and strategy and Social Value best practice.


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